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Shop Capabilities

Shop Capabilities

We are engineers specializing in custom metal fabrication. You can send us a hand schetch or CAD drawing and we'll get started. Our 20,000 sqft building houses all of our equipment.  Our specility is; we can bring our equipment to your sight to quickly get the job done.

Materials we work with:                                                           Certifications:

  • Carbon                                                                                NBIC "R" Stamp
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium
  • Cast Iron
  • Excotic Metals


C.N.C -170 Ton Press Break - 12 Foot Capacity

55 Ton Iron Worker

10 Foot Shear (2) - (1) up to 1/4" thick (1) up to 1/8" thick

Power Rollers (4) - (1) up to 8' long by 1/4" thick, (1) up to 5' long by 1/4" thick, (1)up to 4' long by 1/8" think

M.I.G. Welders (6)-2 Portable Systems

T.I.G Welders (3)-(1) Solid Steel Portable System

Stick Welders

Heavy Duty Spot Welder

Portable 50 Ton Hydraulic Punch

Portable Gasoline Welder/Generator

Portable Welders (3)-(1) 110 volt system

Horizontal Saws (2)-(1) Angle Saw, (1) Production Saw

Vertical Saw

Drill Press/Milling Machine

Plasma Cutters (3)-(2) Portable Systems


Lockformer Duct Machining

Multifunction Duct Machine

Paint Booth

Sand Blast Booth

Water Cutting

Burning / Cutting: Plasma

Burning / Cutting: Oxy

What our customers say:

Keven Murphy, Greyne Company

Russ Dirks, Pharr

Ron Hallman, Red Valve

Russ Dirks, Pharr

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